5 Quick Lawn Care Tips For A Lush Lawn

Having a lush lawn feels amazing.

Keeping it that way on the other hand, can be a different story. 

Lawn care is a vital part of ensuring your dream lawn doesn’t become a nightmare.

Here are 5 lawn care tips that you can use to keep your lawn well maintained.

#1 Water the lawn don’t just wet it

Watering seems a bit obvious but is actually one of those things a lot of people get wrong. Water your lawn deeply and infrequently. This helps to establish a deep, strong, healthy root network which gives your lawn the ability to stand a much better chance versus drought conditions. 

Feel free to use a soil sampler if you want to take some of the guesswork out of the amount of water penetrating the soil. Oh, and early morning waters are the best.

#2 To the barber

Treat your lawn to a nice cut. Blades dry, Blades sharp.

Ensure that the grass (blades) is dry and the blades (mower) are sharp. Mowing wet grass tends to break it, not cut it and that’s a big difference when it comes to the health of your lawn. Same goes with mower blades. Dull blades break, sharp blades cut.

As for when to cut, that is all up to……….your lawn. Just like how a newborn will cry when they’re hungry and you rush to feed them because you know that’s what they need. Same with grass in a way. A mowing schedule is ok to have but you should focus on that cry. Your grass will oftentimes tell you it needs a cut just by how fast it starts to grow.

Don’t cheat mow height. For whichever type of grass you have, cut within the recommended height. Check out our article on Lawn mowing Tips & Tricks to find out all there is to know about mowing

#3 After mow, don’t throw

All those grass clippings that fall after you mow are juicy juicy nutrients that will help feed your lawn. So unless you’re rushing to showcase a property or something of the sorts, just leave them.

#4 Remove weeds

Weeds are the unwanted guest that crashes the party and still has the nerve to eat and drink all the food. Those are weeds. You want them out. A healthy lawn will naturally try to fight them off but sometimes then slip through and here is where it may get tricky. Depending on the size of your lawn or the number of weeds it may be easier to pull them by hand or mow them down. And yes, even if you just mowed but you realise there is still weeds then raise mow height to target them.

As for herbicides, make sure you choose the right one for your problem. Different herbicides do do things and introducing chemicals into your lawn that serve no purpose is not going to help your lawn in the long run.

#5 Let it breath

Aeration is a good way to ensure the longevity of your law. Aeration combats soil compaction and allows nutrients to penetrate the soil easier and make its way to the roots. For a more in-depth explanation on aeration check out our article on How to aerate a lawn.

And after aeration is a good time to overseed too.

So what’s left to do

If it’s one takeaway you should get from this, is that you are the most important line of defense. Once you understand the signs, symptoms and needs of your lawn then you are geared towards having and keeping the yard you always wanted.